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  • Cindy Guyette

Adding Barnwood beams and barn siding to your home

How can I make my home look warm and cozy? The answer is simple add period hand-hewn Barnwood beams or barn siding. Eagle Creek Designs has used Barnwood beams and barn siding to create accent walls, Barnwood mantles, and floors. Highlight a room by adding one barn siding wall, whether it be brown, grey, or boards with a tinge of white or red paint. Kitchen or bathroom cabinets built with barn siding make a unique statement

A completed kitchen project using exposed beams

Eagle Creek Designs takes down early barns and timber frame buildings throughout the region. Our Barnwood beams and barn siding are authentic and have natural local history. We can cut our Barnwood beams to spec to create a spectacular Barnwood mantle that will be the focus of any fireplace. Unlike big stores or online sellers will install the mantle in your home. Exposed beams can be used in many rooms and design styles. If you have the vision our team can make it happen.

Custom Barnwood mantle

Eagle Creek Designs offers design services and installation of beams, flooring, and accent walls. Our team has over 40 years of experience and a true passion for preserving history. We also sell beams and barn siding for those who want to do it themselves. Whatever the size of your project we have the material and expertise to make it happen.

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